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For the majority of the uninsured today, the greatest fear is having some catastrophic accident wipe out everything they’ve saved up over the years. For others, the stakes are even higher as such a calamity could sink them into debt for the rest of their lives. From any viewpoint, going without major medical insurance is a considerable risk at which people are set up to lose a lot. A savvy employer will strongly consider the inclusion of major medical coverage because many healthy workers desire it. Indeed, a large demographic of individuals buyers subscribing to major medical insurance see it as a good investment, provided they have good health.

The significant deductible discourages those with more routine medical problems. However, for the larger catastrophic events, this insurance weighs in much better than the average basic health care plan, and ultimately proves beneficial even for those in the lower income brackets. That’s because it tends to pay out benefits on a wide variety medical expenses, with much less discrimination between expense types than the basic plans. For example, a patient who visits a hospital will not feel obliged to stay there unnecessarily because he or she will be covered for private doctor visits just as well.