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How an employer brings in the best talent to a company’s workforce depends upon the level of job attractiveness that is offered. Aside from the basic medical benefits package included in the hiring bid, a strong retirement plan is absolutely essential. Obviously, it is unwise to rely on employees of the top talent to be satisfied with monthly social security checks twenty years into their retirement. Furthermore, many top workers have even higher standards than the minimal pensions that many employers dole out. Indeed, choosing a competitive retirement plan is fundamental to retaining the most qualified employees, as well as to reducing the high rate of turnover that plagues so many businesses today. By setting up accounts for employees in the entry level all the way up to the highest executive positions, an employer can provide advantages that many individuals could not otherwise obtain. For a promising new employee, it may be a challenge for him or her to individually set up a Roth IRA plan with his or her limited funds. When the employee can sign on to a company that does it easily, the talent has more incentive. For the higher paid executives, the advantages of a Roth IRA include taking money out tax-free.

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