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In today’s job market, finding a company that provides a strong health insurance plan is a top priority for the quality talent that is seeking work. A company that offers insurance coverage will rate much higher among potential employees than a company that does not. But when it comes time to choose a health insurance plan that is right for one’s business, the question is a little more complex than “yes” or “no.” Indeed, “yes” is the right answer, but once said, there are many different ways to go about it. Some businesses choose to go with a salary reduction plan wherein the insurance premiums come out of the employee’s paycheck. Other companies value strong benefits, and take care of the premiums themselves. In any event, the selection of the right benefits package involves many different factors. A recent study concluded that on top of the basic coverage, employees are increasingly concerned about the other important aspects of health, included dental and vision coverage, and even life insurance. Across the board, major health insurance providers offer company plans to make sure that businesses are getting the needed benefits packages for their employees.