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Dental plans offered by employers come in many different shapes and sizes. In any plan, however, one will find coverage that pays out some or all of the expenses incurred when an employee visits the dentist. Often a dental plan will work best with a select group of dental providers, usually based around the company site, or sites. A good employee dental plan will focus as much on preventative care as it will on the more urgent matters that an employee might need to have taken care of. Providing a system of routine checkups ensures that premiums can remain stable and that workers are not thrown out of commission for days at a time due to costly root canal surgeries and anesthesia. Preventative care includes examining for and stopping the development of decaying teeth and other diseases of the mouth. Yet when prevention is not enough, dental care to restore teeth is also a necessary part of a good dental plan. The removal of broken or infected teeth, the treatment of oral diseases, dentures, crowns, bridges and inlays are all important aspects of dental care that an employee will be looking for. In addition, major operations involving the above procedures can and should also be covered if an employee is to be “sold” on the dental plan.