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Finding the right benefits plan for expatriate employees is an entirely different ball game from domestic benefits package options. Luckily for employers, a good expatriate plan will make it seem as though it is the very same thing. In reality, it would be virtually impossible for an employer to go at it alone, given the endless procedural complexities in dealing with foreign countries and their respective health care systems, as well as their different policies regarding insurance plans and laws concerning coverage for life, vision, dental etc.

On top of this, there is the question of who to cover. Not only are there the domestic employees who are sent oversees to work, but there are the employees who are neither citizens of the home country nor of the target country. Then, there are the local citizens of the target country hired up, who need to be considered as well. To make things even more complicated, the benefits expectations of workers from each different nationality may differ widely. That’s why it is important to find the right expatriate plan to cover all the bases in terms of promoting the company’s attractiveness to the best talent possible as well as maintaining high levels of productivity.