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Who is is a web destination created by human resources professionals to help companies manage their most important assets—their employees! Our web site visitors include HR specialists and generalists from mid- and large-sized corporations, as well as owners and managers of smaller businesses and startup ventures. connects them to a wealth of information, tools and other resources that will help them achieve their HR goals and solve their HR problems.

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Welcome to the hrMarketsource

The hrMarketsource directory, to be launched on in Fall 2004, will offer the web's most comprehensive and useful directory of HR goods and services providers. The directory will help users find providers who offer everything from books to software, executive coaches to benefits administrators, training programs to legal advisors, compensation consultants to vendors of corporate gifts, and much more. More than just a simple categorized listing, both seekers and providers of HR goods and services will find hrMarketsource to be:
>   All-Inclusive: we'll include basic listings for all HR goods and services providers free of charge, giving users ultimate choice and control over who is best qualified to serve their needs.
>   Searchable and Sortable: we'll let users search and sort by company name, product category, location and other parameters to allow fast and easy identification of providers that can meet their needs.
>   Targeted: we'll connect providers of goods and services directly to those seeking solutions to meet their HR needs and solve their HR problems, all within the context of an HR-specific web destination.
>   Timely: we'll help goods and services providers gain on-demand exposure through user initiated searches.
>   Value-Added: we'll allow goods and services providers opportunities to enhance their exposure with more detailed contact and product information, web site and email hyperlinks, and corporate logos.

FREE BASIC LISTING! List your company in the hrMarketsource directory today!

To enhance your listing, see the descriptions and ABC
Group examples below to decide which one works best
for you. Contact us and tell us which listing you need.

Our BASIC (1) listing (free of charge) includes:
>   Company name
>   Company address
>   Company phone and fax
>   Inclusion in an unlimited number of appropriate goods/services categories
The hrCONNECT (2) listing makes a direct connection between you and potential customers via the networking capabilities of the web, adding:
>   Bold company name
>   Hyperlink to your company web site
>   Company contact name with direct phone and email hyperlink
The hrEXTEND (3) listing informs potential customers about your goods and services and links them directly to product information on your web site, adding:
>   A 100-word description of the company's products
>   Deep hyperlinks to pages within the company's web site that offer more detailed product information
The hrBRAND (4) listing helps your company stand out from the crowd, adding
>   Company logo hyperlinked to company web site

Order your ENHANCED LISTING before October 1, 2004, and receive a special introductory rate!
Details are available on the attached insertion order form., 651 West Washington Boulevard, Suite 302, Chicago, IL 60661, Tel (312)902-1606, Fax (312) 902-1612

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