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To assist with your company's most important assets — human assets! Whether you're an hr specialist within a multi-national corporation, a human resource generalist at a mid-sized company, or an owner or manager of a smaller business or startup venture, you'll find a wealth of work tools, hr software and other resources and within to further your career.
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Time & Attendance

Time tracking solutions address all the systems and processes involved with the payroll, including benefits tracking, time off, data export for payroll, personnel scheduling, and more. Getting all these related systems to work together has in the past been difficult to do. Not anymore. We show you the metrics you should be using when comparing time and attendance tracking solutions.

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A critical function of managing employees. Find out how you can improve your bottom line through the proper application of best practices. Written by workplace experts.

Book Review:
HR Answer Book: An Indispensable Guide for Employers and HR Professionals

Read the best selling book that should be on every leaders desk.

Executive Recruiting
The field of executive recruiting requires an understanding of the importance of the employment opportunities being filled. Indeed, finding the right leadership is essential to the health of a business or corporation, and without applying the proper strategy to an executive recruiting campaign—without attracting the right leaders, that is—an organization could face a wide range of dilemmas in both short term and long term scenarios.

Interviewing Employees and Selecting High Performers: A Guide to Effective Hiring
For any business owner or employer who has been faced with the exciting process their company’s growth and expansion, hiring highly productive employees is one of the most fundamental components of effectively seeing this process through. For employers and professionals who are well-versed in recruiting and hiring talent for a businesses’ workforce, it is often found that hiring is one of the most complex, fundamental—and oftentimes rewarding—tasks that they face.

The Work Environment and Employee Productivity
Creating a work environment in which employees are productive is essential to increased profits for your organization. Principles that show how, exactly, to maximize employee productivity center around two major areas of focus: personal motivation and the infrastructure of the work environment.

Recruiting Employees
The employment recruiting process begins with a set of best practices for hiring. Are your hiring managers aware of the regulatory pitfalls ahead of them? We take a look at what you should know when putting together an employee recruitment effort.

Employee Motivation
Create an environment that encourages a positive attitude and the sense of mission you feel. Communicate the overall goals of the organization and where the employee fits into it. Revitalize your company with these great tips on dynamic leadership principals!

Employee Compensation: Pay Scales - Determining how much to compensate employees
Are you properly compensating your employees? Is it possible that you are overpaying some workers? We show you some common pitfalls and some great company turnaround tips. Employee compensation is a critical aspect of the HR process, and we discuss how to maximize your opportunities.

Best Practices in Handling High Employee Turnover
Explore the high employee turnover environment and find out what the leading management pros are doing to ensure a smooth termination process that complies with all existing state and federal employment regulations.

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