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All the disciplines that make up the world of human capital management, including performance management will be included in this space. When the human resources manager looks for answers, they look to hrVillage. That is because we provide human resources knowledge that is practical and answers the day to day questions facing managers today.

Recruiting Software

When it comes to managing human resources, one of the most important tasks is recruiting the most talented employees. That’s why it’s necessary to implement an effective employee recruiting strategy that fully utilizes the following proven techniques, in conjunction with software that is designed to streamline the recruitment process. Click to read more

Executive Recruiting

The field of executive recruiting requires an understanding of the importance of the employment opportunities being filled. Indeed, finding the right leadership is essential to the health of a business or corporation, and without applying the proper strategy to an executive recruiting campaign—without attracting the right leaders, that is—an organization could face a wide range of management dilemmas in both short term and long term scenarios. Click to read more

Business Book Review:

HR Answer Book: An Indispensable Guide for Managers and Human Resources Professionals

With a rapidly evolving economy, increasingly technological workplace and incredibly fluid labor pool across a wide range of industries in today’s global economy, the management of human resources has become a bourgeoning enterprise in and of itself. And as with any new and popular phenomenon, a lot of folks have decided to write books about it. Year after year now, an inordinate number of “how to” guides have come out professing to be the “final word” on how to effectively manage a company’s human resources. Click to read more

Interviewing and Selecting High Performers: A Guide to Effective Hiring

For any business owner or employer who has been faced with the exciting process their company’s growth and expansion, hiring highly productive employees is one of the most fundamental components of effectively seeing this process through. For managers and professionals who are well-versed in recruiting and hiring talent for a businesses’ workforce, it is often found that hiring is one of the most complex, fundamental—and oftentimes rewarding—tasks that they face. Click to read more

The Work Environment and Employee productivity

Creating a work environment in which employees are productive is essential to increased profits for your organization, corporation or small business. Principles of management that dictate how, exactly, to maximize employee productivity center around two major areas of focus: personal motivation and the infrastructure of the work environment. Click to read more

Time & Attendance

Enterprise time tracking solutions address tracking and accounting for employee hours and wages by cost center, employment function or department while giving management the ability to measure and track labor efficiency metrics. Here are the metrics you should be using to evaluate a comprehensive time & attendance software package...

Advanced Human Resource Management

Managing employees through effective communication during a period of change.

A top priority for managing corporate change is carried out through effective employee communication. Whether companies are consolidating their departments, downsizing their workforce or undergoing a corporate merger, sticking to an effective and results-based message creation strategy can help to ensure the smooth and successful transitioning from one point to another.

Elements of an employee handbook: What you should include in an employee handbook

A straightforward guide towards making an employee handbook. Make sure you have all the elements of an employee handbook.

Performance Management: Useful Metrics for Evaluating Employee Performance

Ever wonder how to keep up employee morale while boosting their productivity? How does one measure Human Resources productivity ? This insightful article explains how to get your company on track to creating a vital workplace environment.

Performance Management

Measure employee performance more effectively with software designed expressly for the task. It's not enough to send your employees to classes and conferences and hope for improvement. Now you can measure the actual improvement.

Performance Appraisal: A Sample of How to Conduct an Employee Evaluation

Evaluating employee performance is an important aspect of the larger picture of maintaining an efficient workforce. But what many don't realize is that setting and maintaining goals helps maintain employee morale and a sense of purpose- which makes the difference between providing meaningful employment and going to work at a mcjob.

Employee motivation: Effective Workforce Management

Create an environment that encourages a positive attitude and the sense of mission you feel. Communicate the overall goals of the organization and where the employee fits into it. Revitalize your company with these great tips from this helpful human resources article!

Employee Compensation: Pay Scales - Determining how much to compensate employees

Are you properly compensating your employees? Is it possible that you are overpaying some workers? We show you some common pitfalls and some great company turnaround tips. Employee compensation is a critical aspect of the human resources process, and we discuss how to maximize your opportunities.

Employee Benefits Overview: Unemployment Benefits, Veterans Benefits, and more.

What you need to know in administering or creating a clear policy on employee benefits. It's not that easy. Avoid some common mistakes and take your best step forward with this fascinating discussion that is sure to inspire creative solutions to your pressing human resource issues.

Benefits Management Jobs: Health Benefits, Disability Benefits, Retirement Benefits

Managing benefits isn't just a job description. Jobs in Benefits management require employees with an attention to detail, organizational abilities, and a positive attitude. Find out more about the opportunities available in managing employee benefits.

Overview of Retirement Benefits Administration: What you should know about retirement benefits

Managing retirement benefits is a critical function of the human resources management team. Are you up to speed on the latest requirements? Here is a refreshing article about benefits administration that will give you some fresh ideas.

Human Resources Management

Effectively manage human resources with these techniques that reminds one that we sometimes have to be both manager and mediator between the interests of the organization and the employees we manage, finding a middle ground that works for everyone.

Definition of Human Resources

The role of a human resources manager has come a long way in the last fifty years. The importance to the organization has grown so that today it plays a pivotal role in ensuring the long term profitability and viable operation. We review all aspects of the human resources management system and report where we are today, and how the management of human capital will continue to improve in the future.

Human Resources Best Practices

Refresh your skills with this informative article about what constitutes the best practices in human resources today. Invigorate your current HR system and find new ideas that will help in the administration of the HR function.

State Human Resources Departments: What they can do for you

The state human resources department can help you find a job in the governmen, Human Resources training, and the latest news pertinent to the functioning of human resources in your state.

Human Resources Generalist Job Definition

Define a job and you can define your latest career opportunity. Read this informative article that explains the responsibilities involved in this important position within a company or organization.

A Survey of Training and Development

In every area of Human Resources Management there are a few books that serve as the hallmark references for understanding and strategizing common HR reresponsibilities.

Best practices in handling high employee turnover

Explore the high employee turnover environment and find out what the leading human resources management pros are doing to ensure a smooth termination process that complies with all existing state and federal employment regulations.

How to write a job description

A concise job description is useful for attracting the right talent. But did you know that the benefits of a high quality job description can also help an organization stay responsive to changing market forces? Learn how to create the best job description as well as tips on how to use a job description to better manage current employees, serve customers better and help the organization exceed its goals.

Articles about Human Resources

Finding the right information about human resources can be more difficult than it seems. It is a complex field of corporate and professional life that encompasses many different areas of application, all of which combined can seem like too much for just one individual to completely understand. Human resources articles serve as a refreshing way to catch up on what is going on in the industry and pick up some tips along the way.

Human Resources Department: Role Within the Organization

The function of HR has evolved from the simple management of people to encompass and overlap other areas within the organization, including planning and accounting. We review the current state of the Human Resources department and find how your role within the company can revitalize and energize the pursuite of coroporate management targets.

Telecommuting: Is it right for your business?

What you should know about allowing workers to work from home There’s a new American Dream, and it’s called “working from home.” For many employees and professionals in the United States, one of the most ideal job arrangements is one in which they choose their own schedule and work from the environment in which they are most comfortable—that is, their own house or apartment. Telecommuting, or simply running a business from the “home office,” is now quite in vogue—and this is no surprise.

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Defining the role of the HR employee

human resources jobs
Find Employment in the HR Profession

Human Resources Career
Careers in the human resources field

Human Resources Forms
Find and download the form you need for free.

Human Resources Degree
Pertinent information about higher learning and continuing education.

Managing the workforce

The field of human resources entails a dynamic approach to employee management that has provided a growing number of solutions to employers throughout the years. More recently, it has adopted powerful tools such as metrics in order to administer effective performance management and thereby enhance the workforce – constantly making it a more efficient and productive practice overall.

Through a combination of precise analytics and a careful human touch, human resources provides a series of useful answers to employers throughout the world. In this way, an effective human resources program is actually able to increase the return on investment that many business leaders can expect from the hiring and training of their workforce.

Indeed, with the application of sensitive tools that help to monitor employees as they progress within their job positions, human resources departments all over are able to provide accurate evaluation systems in addition to their employee recruitment functions. With the ideal set of human resources applications, every employee will be accounted for, according to his or her worth.

By delineating a clear approach to recruiting, hiring, managing, firing and promoting individuals within the workforce, human resources development is able to map out a chart to success. Tools and techniques used along the way include employee evaluation metrics, performance measurement and effective creation of human resources messages. Not only does a human resources program put forth instructions and guidelines, but it also provides useful answers to both the workforce and the employer.

When effectively applied to a company’s processing structure, human resources departments allow employers to no longer have to suffer lost productivity in the face of a sprawling and ambiguous workforce. With a proactive human resources team consistently delivering the right solutions, companies will begin to see a change as productivity increases and profit margins widen. In fact, a good human resources department can actually help to raise the level of morale within the employee base, thus contributing to a better functioning business overall.

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