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Blank Generic Job Description

Use this template if you do not see a job description that matches the job you wish to describe. This is a generic job description template, a must have document.

Accountant Job Description

Download this template for all accountant related jobs, even management level positions. This can be combined with other templates to create the perfect job description.

Administative Assistant Descriptions

An administrative assistant has a wide range of responsibilities. Communicate the exact duties for your specific position and receive better job interview respondents.

Applications Analyst Desciptions

An Applications Analyst position entails different duties. Because it is a somewhat general description, it's important to be specific. Download this template in order to get it right.

Assembler Descriptions

An assembler is a specialized position relating to the manufacturing industry. An Assembler oversees many processes including managing computer systems related to the machinery.

Building Engineer Job Descriptions

Responsible for the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of facility machinery.

Call Center Customer Service Representative Job Description

One of the most important positions to fill in a company. Customer service can make or break a company, hiring the right worker is a snap with this template!

CEO Descriptions


CFO Description

Responsible for leadership and strategic planning, this template will help you select the best candidate for the position.

CIO Descriptions

Also known as the Chief Information Officer, this position can vary in responsibilities depending on the industry but because the decisions made by the CIO are so important, hiring the right person is critical.

Information Technology Descriptons

Information Technology occupations comprise a number of responsbilities. Use this template to identify qualifications specific to the position offered.

Computer Software Development Engineer Description

Formerly known as computer programmers, software development engineers are responsible for creating a number of applications (apps) intended for mobile phones, web servers and desktop computers.

Controller Descriptions

This document is for job descriptions of of a Controller, related to providing leadership and coordination of company financial planning, debt financing, and budget management functions

Corporate Attorney Job Description

Provide analysis and counsel on legal, policy, and environmental issues. Anticipate and guard against legal risks facing the company. Develop and recommend company policy and position on legal issues.

Engineer Job Description

Provide services in Civil, Mechanical, or Chemical engineering. Responsible for entire project cycle to include design, development, and project completion.

Executive Secretary Description

Provide personal administrative support to the President/CEO. Duties include general clerical, receptionist and project based work. Project a professional company image through in-person and phone interaction.

Help Desk Description

Provide support to staff, clients and customers. Troubleshoot problems and determine source, and advise on appropriate solutions.

Human Resource Generalist Descriptions

Responsible for all human resource activities for the company. Provide advice, assistance and follow-up on company policies, procedures, and documentation. Coordinate the resolution of specific policy-related and procedural problems and inquiries.

LAN - Network Administrator Descriptions

Install, setup, and monitor local area network (LAN). Perform maintenance, software update, hardware update, evaluation, installation, and training tasks to ensure top network performance, meeting company and user requirements.

Machinist Job Description

Template supplies overview of requirements: Responsible for fabricating replacement and new parts for facility machinery. Fabricate, erect, install, and maintain facility machinery.

Manager Description

A great all-purpose template applicable to many management level positions. Manage the operational and fiscal activities of the department. Plan and develop systems and procedures to improve the operating quality and efficiency of the department. Supervise staff in accordance with company policies and procedures. Responsible for hiring, training, and coaching employees.

Network Analyst Descriptions

Responsible for the installation, layout, and maintenance of all network components. Plan, design, analyze, and provide technical support for data communications network or group of networks. Conduct research and evaluation of network technology and recommend purchases of network equipment.

Plant Manager Description

Responsible for plant operation and maintenance. Establish plant policies and procedures. Responsible for plant production goals. Establish and maintain community relations. Foster a well-trained and motivated staff.

Sales Representative Description

Download this job description template and fill in the blanks. Available in both Word (DOCX) and PDF formats. Responsible for all sales activities in assigned accounts or regions. Manage quality and consistency of product and service delivery.

Shift Supervisor Job Descriptions

Supervise production line operation in accordance with plant policies and procedures. Ensure smooth production operation during shift.

Supervisor Descriptions

oordinate department activities, performance evaluations, training and special projects. Supervise staff in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Systems Analyst Description

Responsible for the systems development life cycle. Provide system-level support of multi-user operating systems, hardware and software tools, including installation, configuration, maintenance, and support of these systems. Identify alternatives for optimizing computer resources.

VP - Human Resources Description

Provide leadership and coordination of company Human Resource functions. Develop and implement corporate Human Resource strategy and programs.

VP - Sales & Marketing Descriptions

Provide leadership and coordination of company sales and marketing functions. Develop and implement sales and marketing strategy. Monitor and analyze sales and marketing activity against goals.

Warehouse Worker Job Description

Stage, load, and unload finished product and raw materials. Stock and maintain warehouse inventory.