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From young, thriving businesses that wish to expand overseas to global enterprises with offices in all five continents, the problem of executive relocation presents one of the major headaches of the day. Taking a valued business leader and relocating and transferring him or her to Asia, for example, is a difficult enough process of relocation for that individual.

But when the transfer is a year or longer, the family will need to go as well. That’s why it is necessary for the process to be systematized, streamlined and, most importantly, humanized so that a family’s major relocation can go without a hitch, and so that the executive has a good reason to stay with his employers. Surprisingly, it is the simple things that often go wrong. Securing a visa that covers residence, work, and school (for the kids), is an example of one of the basic procedures to be taken care of. Health care, bank accounts, and cultural integration concerns are also high on the list. Indeed, one of the benefits of executive relocation is that, if the company does it right, it creates a sort of employee reliance upon the services that help him or her get by in the foreign land. It can even be an exciting and enriching experience, thanks, of course, to the employer.

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