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It is an unfortunate fact that today many employee benefits programs, while comprehensive and beneficial to the majority of the workforce, inadvertently punish those at the top. This is a mistake that needs to be prevented. It runs against the fundamental HR rule that requires a successful company to attract and retain the very best talent at the top of the corporate ladder. That is why the development of an attractive executive benefits plan is vital to maintaining quality leadership in a business’s highest ranks. Affecting usually only around one to three people, an executive plan will make sure that the entire company is in good hands. It works largely the same way as a normal benefits package for an ordinary employee functions. In addition, however, there is also a step up in the luxuriousness of these plans. Next to the compensation plan, the executive benefits plan can include funds for retirement, benefits for survivors, disability insurance, deferred income, as well as the benefits basics like insurance coverage for life, health, dental coverage and so on. When choosing an executive benefits plan for one’s company, it is important to focus on staying competitive. A well qualified executive goes for a lot these days and a good plan will make sure to avoid high turnover in the higher offices.