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Needless to say, the rising cost of prescription drugs in today’s market has reached astounding new levels. If it weren’t such a serious matter, the desperation that people are driven to can sometimes appear comical. For example, it is quite common to see busloads of seniors crossing the southern border just to obtain cheap prescription drugs. Yet while seniors compose one of the largest prescription drug consumption demographics, those of working age often need to take care of everyday prescription needs as well. Many workers, however, don’t have the time to make weekend trips to their local farmacia – and the majority of workers don’t live nearby Mexico or Canada in any case.

For a company benefits package to be attractive, it is very important to include insurance coverage of prescription drugs. With premiums usually considerably lower for the younger, able bodied types that are often associated with the top talent, prescription drug insurance plans often come with options to help the employer out with affordability. The cost can be brought down, for instance, if a company goes with a generic prescription option, rather than shelling out high premiums for similar brand name prescription drugs. Whatever plan is chosen, prescription drugs coverage a fundamental part of employee health care, and should be seriously considered.

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