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An employee assistance program (EAP Provider) provides a company with the caring touch that quality employees seek. Indeed, it takes this added shine to make an employer stand out from the rest. It works by creating a reliable system of referrals backed by a real budget, so that the EAP can help retain talent while optimizing the productivity of its workforce. An EAP is needed most often for employees who, for one reason or another, have not been performing at their very best. These reasons can range from alcohol and drug related problems to family dynamics and daily schedule counseling. The basic concept behind any good EAP is that by giving free counseling on a short term basis, an employee’s problem can be identified. At that point, giving referrals to external organizations will ultimately assist an employee in improving his or her personal life. Once done, all aspects of that worker’s life will improve. Consequently, employers will see increased productivity in the work force and a happier environment on the whole. It is important to stress that all successful EAP’s operate on an optional basis. Employees can choose whether or not to avail themselves of the services provided. However, throughout the years it has been seen over and over again that the best employees take a proactive approach to their own well being.

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Employers increasingly turn to employee assistance programs EAP s-- to help employees become more fit, healthy, and able to cope with personal problems. From a few employer-sponsored alcohol abuse programs

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