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Recently, more than ever, employees are coming to rely on disability insurance as a fundamental part of their benefits package. This type of coverage helps the injured worker to get by during the period of time in which he or she cannot work. Technically defined, a disability is a sickness or injury, which prevents one from being able to perform his or her normal job functions. When disabled, members of a good disability plan will receive from around 45% to 60% of what they were normally earning.

In addition, the benefit money can be used to ease the tax burden on employers. This type of insurance helps to provide the necessary safety net that a worker will need to get through disability and to get back on his or her feet. When choosing a company plan, it is important to remember that the most inexpensive plans might turn away prospective employees. As a rule of thumb, the less money spent on a disability insurance plan, the more money is wasted. That’s because good employees are also very good consumers as well, and they will generally not want to sign onto a plan that may compromise them in their crucial hour of need.

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