Q: What benefits are required by federal law?
Q: What is ERISA?
Q: Are there any legal requirements regarding minimum vesting schedules for employer sponsored retirement plans?
Q: Is it legal to deny an employee health insurance due to a preexisting condition?
Q: Are there any specific preexisting conditions that cannot be excluded from health coverage.
Q: As an employer, am I covered by the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
Q: What are my responsibilities under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
Q: What defines an eligible employee under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
Q: As an employer, am I obligated to continue to provide health insurance to employees out on FMLA leave?
Q: As an employer, am I covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?
Q: What is reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?
Q: What is COBRA?
Q: As an employer, am I covered by COBRA?
Q: What are qualifying events under COBRA?
Q: As an employer, how long must I provide COBRA benefits?
Q: What is FLSA?
Q: What is the current minimum wage?
Q: What is the youth sub-minimum wage?
Q: When are employers required to pay overtime?
Q: Does the FLSA limit the number of hours that employees can work in a day or week?
Q: Do companies have to pay employees for on-call time?
Q: Are tipped employees subject to the minimum wage?
Q: What is the overtime pay rate?
Q: How old does a person need to be in order to work? Can children work?
Q: What is the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees?
Q: What kinds of companies are required to comply with the Occupational Safety & Health Act?
Q: What happens if my state has workplace safety and health requirements? Which regulations must I comply with?
Q: What typically prompts an OSHA site inspection?
Q: When is an employer responsible to contact OSHA regarding work accidents?
Q: Are there posting requirements under OSHA?
Q: If I have employees who work at home, are there things I must do about there home safety too?
Q: What provisions are there for me to appeal the findings of an OSHA inspection?
Q: What records must I keep for OSHA?
Q: How does OSHA define a recordable case?
Q: What is the NLRB?
Q: What triggers an investigation by the NLRB?
Q: How is an unfair labor practice defined?
Q: What is the NLRA?
Q: What triggers an election for unionization?
Q: What percent of the workforce must vote for representation to certify a union?
Q: How is a bargaining unit defined?
Q: Is an employer responsible for paying Shop Stewards for time spent on union activities?
Q: What is a right to work state?
Q: What is the Taft Hartley Act?
Q: Can I require job applicants take a drug test?
Q: As an employer, am I required to have an affirmative action program?
Q: As an employer, is it safe to provide past employee references?
Q: Who is the EEOC?
Q: What laws does the EEOC enforce?
Q: What employment records must I keep and how long must I keep them for?
Q: What documents must I file with the EEOC?
Q: Who is the ESA?
Q: Who is Wage and Hour?