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Organizational Culture

Different strokes for different organizations. It is apparent that one company may significantly vary from another on how they do and run their business. It might do some good if we could define culture. Putting it simply, culture is the set of ideas, beliefs and emotions that shape or mold a group. While there has been no concrete definition laid down to describe what corporate culture is, the phrase "the way we do things around here", is what commonly and simply describes culture. Thus, one may see corporate culture as one that affects the individual upon his entry in an organization. The other way around may imply the idea of individuals or group of individuals manipulating the culture present in an organization.

The topic is wholly within the purview of performance management and the way company leaders handle their organizations and vice versa depend on what culture they have in place. One way of knowing and arriving at the concrete description of your organizational culture is through guide questions. You may observe or make inquiries to your fellow workers to determine the practices and management styles followed by a company. These are only a few of the factors in determining what kind of work environment you’re getting into. Understanding this particular trait of an organization helps you in knowing how well you can perform under certain situations. If any branch or any employee is uncomfortable with the current system then it may be a hindrance to optimal performance.

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