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Managing your subordinates is not as simple as leading them to the peak of success or improving their work output. A good leader should know how to bring out the best in his followers. Performance management is a continuing process of providing your employees with the right motivation and work environment to bring out the maximum potential in their performance. Actually, performance management is a new term for the old appraisal system. The system has specifics, which enables you to get a first hand approach to your work force.

According to some sources, performance management goes through the following steps: (1) analysis, (2) identifying competencies and key skills, and lastly, (3) continued development and control of performance management systems. The system boils down to one of the HR systems’ main objectives– meeting company needs through its workforce. Do not loose your sight of your employees’ welfare although they may have been with you for quite a while. By focusing on their key strengths and weaknesses and developing them, you will be able to play the chess game of success.

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