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Strategic management of the organization calls for periodic evaluation of the workforce. It's important to visualize the chain of command and look for redundancies. This process must be done with care. The most common mistake is to eliminate the employees who contribute the most or to downsize the organization in a manner the reduces morale.

When managing the workforce it is important to understanding not only the management chain but also the seniority and pay layers as well. Nothing works better at helping management make the best decisions than an organizational chart. OrgPlus is the standard in organizational chart software and is highly recommended as a tool for managing the size of the organization.

OrgPlus integrates with most human resources databases. It is the best solution for all sizes of organizations, including enterprise level corporations. Make sure you have the latest version, OrgPlus 5. There is a free download available at their website. We highly recommend you take a look at OrgPlus for your most critical organizational management needs.

Downsizing is done by reducing the number of employees in a company and thereby reducing payroll expenditures allocated for the workforce. This process has many diverse phases but common and simple methods are to locate areas of redundancy, as well as early retirement, or even a hiring freeze.

To deviate from the possible sacrifice of downsizing, HR systems have provided a number of solutions for this matter. Since undesirable condition springs from the top of the company, solutions focus on planning and management systems. There is no need to worry about the structure of your company because these solutions are flexible enough to cater to the global business empires down to the smallest of local businesses. Consistent monitoring on operations is one of the highlights offered in the software solution. With this in mind, you’ll be able to cope with the changes on the market without affecting operations flow.

If downsizing is inevitable for a company, solutions are also available for smooth employee exits. You would want to do away with destroying the morale of both outgoing employees and the ones left in the company. One danger on company downsizing is the violation of the security of tenure for full-time, regular employees. Relevant sites can offer you sensible legal advice and if you do not have a legal department, resources for expert legal consultants to handle these instances to your benefit and the satisfaction of both parties.