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Flexible Work Schedule

An alternative scheduling program is a great way to hire and retain valuable employees. More and more corporations find it rewarding to help employees as they transition as new parents by allowing them to work from home. Telecommuting also helps organizations tap into a vast labor pool spread out across the country. These kinds of arrangements work well with senior citizens who are highly skilled but may not be able to relocate. A flexible work schedule is an increasingly common method for retaining the best workers.

The alternative scheduling program has two categories: flexible work schedules and compressed work schedules. The commonly used flexible work schedule or FWS enables the employee to accommodate other family and personal responsibilities without affecting his or her work.

A modified work schedule should be a consideration for every management team and human resources professional who is balancing a budget or having to shrink or grow the workforce in a competitive environment. Instead of the standard fixed number of work hours, (e.g. 8 hours a day; 40 hours in a week) an employer may approve a plan of altering the typical work schedule of an employee. In a Flexible Work Schedule, the core hours are those, which the employee or all employees in a company must work. The starting time varies upon the discretion of the employee that is defined within the limits set by the management. Therefore, the end time depends on the time when the employee started work. Other arrangements implemented depend on the agreement made by both parties.

These sites offer you a number of ways in proposing flexible work schedules that will benefit both the employee and the management. If you are a working family man, time-pressed employee or considerate executive officer looking to improve worker efficiency, click on the sites to avail of pre-structured proposals that you can review and implement in no time.