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An essential element of the HR process that simply cannot be ignored is developing a clear-cut job description for each individual that is part of any organization. An enterprise that does not put importance to setting down precise working guidelines for its workers is not only waiting for trouble to rear its ugly head but is also actually inviting major strife to strike in the workplace.

Setting down a reasonable, comprehensive job description for each employee increases productivity and promotes cooperation that would result in long-term benefits for the company. Delineating the duties and responsibilities of each individual in the organization also encourages a system of merit and accountability of the work that has been accomplished or its failure thereof. This system also sets the stage for the levels of compensation and benefits that certain personnel doing a specific task will be receiving in a commercial or government organization. Simply put, the more duties, responsibilities, hazards or exceptional skills integrated into a position, the higher the resulting compensation ought to be.

The formation of specific employment descriptions and its posting online helps work applicants the world over appraise whether they posses the skills, experience or talents needed by potential employers or not. The same goes for employers who are also after a set of qualifying criteria when reviewing the list of candidates applying for the available position in a given company.

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