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To put it simply, workers compensation is an arrangement made for the benefit of the workforce where employers are required by law to shoulder some of the cost of their employees' occupation-related injuries, disabilities or life-threatening illnesses acquired in the course of their work. It is remuneration given to recently injured or unemployed employees or if the workers themselves are unable to receive and benefit from the payment, their dependents.

If you get down to the root of things 'compensation' may also mean the payment for services rendered or material objects provided and produced on demand. Whichever definition of compensation it is that you might be interested in, you will find a more than adequate load of relevant information and sites catering to a wide margin of compensation issues and other HR related topics.

Significant and applicable information is available from using automated software that can advance your Human Resources section's everyday management of employees by tracking workload performance and compensation, to getting a monthly subscription for business magazines that give you an idea about trends on employee compensation, company benefits and corporate strategies for managers. You can also take a close look at comparable compensation survey statistics on more than a hundred standard jobs on the market for reference or monitor the progress of groups lobbying for certain compensation programs in the Senate.

Be informed. Get updated and read all about the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on workers' compensation, featured articles touching on employee compensation and benefits, payroll data administration, and compensation system designs.