Q: What is HRIS?  

Human resource information systems (HRIS) relate to any technical, computer, or information/data software that is used to track a company’s human resources. The best IT systems will handle many aspects of Human Resources, but will also integrate with existing systems, too.

HR management tools like those offered by Spectrum HR Systems, will address the key areas of managing a workforce in a manner that streamlines the process of collecting information, making decisions, evaluating the organization, with the use of technology, speeding up tasks and enabling the enterprise to discover new efficiencies.

There are two kinds of information systems for the HR Professional. The software technology systems generally available are web-based and desktop based. The web based systems are generally referred to in the industry as Web Based Applications, and these are generally licensed or sold outright by Application Service Providers.

The other example of an HRIS is sometimes sold by the "seat" and is sold in sets from 1-500, at which point many software vendors will recommend an Enterprise Software Solution. HR professionals appreciate desktop software that helps them manage medium sized workforces.

Whichever HRIS you choose, ask their employees extensive questions. Many offer demonstrations and FREE DOWNLOADS, so be sure to avail yourself of the opportunity to review information system they are offering.

Questions to ask:

Does the HR Information System use database applications currently in use within your organization?

How well does the software integrate with the way you do business and the current operational processes?

Will the HRIS work well with third party modules?

Can someone visit your company and demonstrate the software system?

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