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Considered as one of the most important if not the most valuable assets in a company, employees or more specifically employee workforce training and development have been given a high priority to increase job competence and efficiency in specific industry work roles. The Human Resources competence management group is at the focal point in guiding its labor force towards increased professionalism, proficiency and work productivity. It is a crucial aspect and serves as the backbone in creating a well-defined labor force. Concentrating on individuals with the potential to excel at their jobs has spawned a multitude of software programs, as well as web-based solutions in pursuing the mission of company progress through effective worker output.

One central basic HR principle is the notion of choosing the right person for the job. A special tool featured in Human Resource Competency Management is the web-based solution. This helps in first anticipating skill availability and accumulating other task competencies for the future labor need of a company. It is a HR solution that supports the timely appointment of the right employees to the right position and at the right time resulting in a reduced turnover rate and diminished costs for recruitment. What separates a high-end system compared from mundane HR programs is that these systems can specifically identify expert and specialist personnel who would fit for a certain job requirement. Indeed, searching for the right HR tool that would suit requirements and dramatically improve job competence in companies is a difficult task.