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LII: Law about..Collective Bargaining and Labor Arbitration
LII: An overview of collective bargaining and labor arbitration law with links to key primary and secondary sources. - size 12.2K

A potential downside to climbing the corporate hierarchy is the possible disassociation that might transpire between a recently promoted employee and the regular old timers of a company. Labor management relations help you bridge this gap. Using a systematic approach, Labor Relations Management entails not only establishing good working relationships but also involves maintaining effective liaisons with labor organizations. Providing well thought out counsel on matters of labor relations and negotiating labor arrangements also fall under LRM solutions.

Labor management relations can also be brought to bear on collective bargaining conditions. Both management and substantive employee rights are taken into account to bring about an effective LRM strategy. On one side, the mandatory rights of management include the promulgation of company rules and regulations, touching on the number of employees and structural organization. On the other hand, employees have the inexorable right of joining labor unions and to be represented by them in negotiating for better labor conditions.

The systematic resolution of conflicts and disputes is also included in LRM. On the whole, it’s not only the management that needs to exert the utmost effort in maintaining a solid working relationship with its labor force, it must be a relationship based on mutual gain and respect.

You can look into the different labor related laws passed in various countries that you might be interested in or if you prefer, refer to labor relations specialists near your area for further information on the subject. Click on the sites to know more on labor management relations.