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H&S Manual - Chapter 1c - Health and Safety Orientation of New Employees

Chapter 1 - Introduction C. Health and Safety Orientation of New Employees Policy and Purpose All new employees will receive a health and safety orientation designed to ...

OSHA DATA Regulatory Compliance History Information Service
Regulatory Compliance History and Public Records Information Service

H&S Manual - Chapter 11F - Miscellaneous Safety Policies - SAFETY AND HEALTH PROGRAM FOR ...
Chapter 11 - More information relative to OSHA Compliance.

Some consider effective business solutions to be crucial trade features that need to be looked into and applied to a thriving commercial organization. These solutions may range from the most common point-of-sale systems of global grocery establishments to the automated payroll method of multinational companies. At present, one feature of company operations within the reach of business solutions is human resource management.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) often deal with company human resources division on worker safety measures and health benefits. Their main objective is to orient employees on the work hazards involved in their respective jobs and the methods to control, prevent accidents, and risk in their place of employment. OSHA Compliance is of the essence. To date, there are a number of software developed for this subject that include features on most company operational aspects but is not limited to, group safety training, hazard communication training and its laws and regulations.

Generally, the programs and plans instituted by OSHA are shared responsibilities of the different divisions tasked by a company to uphold existing safety policies required by law. The supervisor, for instance, has to ensure that the employees follow or stay within the parameter for appropriate safety programs, while the health and safety branch disseminates basic safety information to new employees. For example, there are specific safety programs for the video display terminal operators available where they institute programs to control hazards to the VDT worker.

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