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There are many reasons why a company would be interested in offering financial assistance to promote the development of skills and intelligence amongst its employee base. For one, it is obvious that the most prized talent is the most well educated, and that providing the necessary assistance to one’s employees, their worth correspondingly increases. By offering college loans, a company can send a select group of its workers to graduate school, for example, and thus create specialists who are not only well versed in the field, but who know the local company dynamics and can therefore, ultimately, be more productive and effective as employees. Another extremely important factor to consider is tied into one of the fundamental edicts of human resources theory; care for the employee, and he or she will care for you. Today, rates of employee turnover are higher than ever, a phenomenon that has proved disastrous for many businesses. Only the most successful learn ways attract and retain the best employee talent possible. By giving the employee a career, the company is able to foster higher rates of loyalty and productivity from the employee. Most skilled workers value education overall, and the company that helps provide this appears sterling in their eyes.