Q: What is just-in-time training?  

Just-in-time (JIT) is training rolled-out, or launched, immediately prior to its usage. The advantage to implementing JIT is the shortened time between learning and application. The most basic version of this kind of training is a software that you can download or purchase as a library. When an employee needs to learn a new function or task, all they have to do is log in to the system and start learning.

JITT (Just in time training) is a way to streamline educating the workforce. Among the benefits of this kind of employee development is that you don't need to engage a teacher to teach the class, you don't need to schedule a class or classroom. The cost benefits of JITT are tremendous, in addition to the ability to train employees in a near automated fashion.

The key to these autonomous learning systems is the ability to train groups of employees in multiple areas on a fully automated basis. Because grading the tests are automated as well, a manager can simply assign a new employee the lessons they need to learn and have the test scores emailed as soon as the test is finished. JITT learning systems are but one of the many innovative methods for training the workforce.

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