Q: What is distance learning?  

Distance learning is a way to earn a degree or learn new skills remotely, often by mail or by internet. Many accredited universities offer distance learning opportunities for a professional to enhance their educational background by earning a masters degrees in the following areas:

  • Human resources degree
  • Bachelors degree in Business Management
  • Business administration
  • Human resource management
  • MBA (Masters Business Administration)
  • Master of Management/Human Resources Management program
  • Bachelor of Science Business Human Resource Management
  • Organization and Management

Among the most prestigious universities that offer distance learning is Golden Gate University in San Francisco. This university is an accredited business university that offers professionals with existing experience to leverage that experience into credits in order to earn a Masters Degree in a variety of areas all related to business.

Students can apply for classes and attend them all through the internet. The process is every bit as rigorous as attending the university in person, and the education is just as rewarding. More and more human resource professionals around the world and in the United States and Canada are opting to for the distance learning option.

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