HR Software

Q: What is HR Software?  

HR Software
HR Software is a broad description of many types of software in a myriad of permutations that individually or in tandem as modules help HR professionals accomplish common tasks in minutes or hours that in the past may have taken several workers many days to accomplish.

HR Systems are applied to every area of the Human Resources function to enable the management of employees around the world or down the hall. Scalability is one aspect of the best HR Software packages.

The latest trend in these systems is to move them off the desktop in to a Software as Service (SAS) environment, also popularly known as Application Service Provider (ASP) system. These methods of delivering applications to the desktop take advantage of the cost efficiencies realizable through harnessing the power of the internet.

There are many areas of HR Software, including time clock software, benefits management, and recruitment, to name a few. Additionally, all these disparate areas of HR can be brought together as modules of a single system that can seamlessly tie timeclock information with the payroll function in an automated manner, as well as draw from the benefits database. Tightly integrating the different parts of the HR function introduces incredible cost efficiencies and provides managers and key decision makers with the tools to make effective choices and plan for the future.

HR Software packages generally come in three sizes, desktop version, professional, and enterprise level. The desktop version is usually limited in scope or the numbers of employees it can process. The professional versions of such software can handle more data, and the enterprise level software can handle the most demanding situations, but can also cost between five and six figures.

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