Security of HR Computer Networks

Q: Is HR information secure on computer networks and the Internet?  

HR Executive computing

Any data (HR or otherwise) is only as secure as a company makes it. When using internal company systems (intranet), most data is safe as long as passwords or other access limits are in place. On external systems (internet,extranet), data tends to be less safe. Before providing HR data through an external system, it is important to verify that appropriate security measures are in place.

Many systems are compromised through simple ruses by telephone. Indeed, some studies have discovered that an alarming percentage of workers will surrender sensitive login and password information to people over the phone claiming to be in positions of authority, ironically requesting said information in order to make the system more secure. Because most workers want to help keep things safe, they will comply. The other weak point in an HR information system are the passwords themselves. People wishing to infiltrate a system will bombard it with common login and password combinations. For instance, the word Love is a common password that is notoriously weak.

Because the workers are the weakest link in the chain, it's important to have adequate information security measures in place, including systems that encourage strong password creation and similar measures to protect the integrity of computer networks. Assigning a manager to oversee network security, a Network Security Manager, is a solution that more organizations are turning to today.

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