Application Service Provider

Q: What is an ASP?  

Application Service Provider

ASP stands for Application Service Provider. An ASP delivers software over the internet as a service, as opposed to delivering it on a cd-rom as a product. The application itself is generally accessed through a web browser through the provider's website. The service is password protected.

Many large companies offer ASP software as a way for companies to pick and choose different modules virtually on the fly. As the organization grows, so does the service. There is no need to upgrade computers to handle resource intensive software, nor is there a need to go through a lengthy and expensive deployment and training phase. ASP is virtually plug and play, which appeals to many corporations and organizations of all sizes.

Some applications of ASP include an ASP Extranet. With an ASP Extranet a company can conduct the entire recruitment process from a website that does everything from advertise current job openings to processing applications and even scheduling interviews, pretty much the entire hiring cycle of the recruitment process.

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