Recruiting Software Evaluation

Recruiting the most talented employees is one of the most important tasks of the human resources professional. An effective employee recruiting strategy is one that allows management to view the entire hiring process from a high level strategic view as well as zero in on the granular details. The only way to do this is with software that is designed for this task. Fortunately there are a number of high quality solutions that have been created specifically for this task. This article reviews what you should be looking for when evaluating software. When you reach the end of this article you will have a better idea of how to evaluate recruiting software and make the best decision for your company. Nobody else can do that for you.

Before evaluating a solution it is best to step back and create a profile of the kind of employees your organization wishes to employ. It is not uncommon to set out on an executive search prior to creating a proper job description. And this is where your evaluation and selection process begins. A well thought out recruitment solution anticpates these issues even if the manager using them didn't realize they needed this function. make this mistake. Outline a list of metrics that pinpoint the skills and qualifications needed, and match those up to applicants recruited. Software that is specialized in the recruitment process is ideal for helping you to effectively identify the ideal job candidate.

Integrating software into your recruitment channels

Once a model for the target employee for your company’s open positions have been established, the recruiting process can begin. Hiring employees is a multi-channel process. Your software must be flexible enough to accomodate how your company hires employees. It should be considered a design flaw if a software or service requires you to adapt to it. All software must be flexible enough so that it can be dropped into your workflow and be able to use and respond to data regardless of the source. The best software should work flawlessly regardless if you use an agency, Craigslist and a community job board.

Mobile technology must be considered

The Internet is fundamental in finding the right talent. However mobile technologies should be critical to your strategy. Today's workforce is accustomed to interfacing with an app, so it makes sense to be able to incorporate HTML5 functionality into a recruitment process at some point so that your recruiting campaign will work across all computing devices. It makes no sense to make a potential employee conform to your technology. It's imperative to conform to the employee's technology.

Not only are an increasing number of potential recruits tied exclusively to mobile devices in their job search, but, for many high-tech industries, it is often the right kind of applicant that searches in this way. It helps your company understand your clients to hire employees who share technological and cultural affinities with them.

Job portal integration

Recruiting software allows you to integrate with an online jobs portal so that prospective employees can input their information and have it instantly processed and vetted by the software using sophisticated algorithms. Especially in larger enterprises where the corporation is inundated with employment applications, having an efficient software solution that can sit between your website and your human resources database is the most effective strategy.

The Internet (with mobile functionality) can be used in two ways. First, establishing an easy-access applicant portal on your company website allows recruits to pour into your database. Casting a wide net out onto other job discovery sites is also an essential recruiting practice.

Focus on Multiple Recruitment Strategies

While the Internet is extremely useful, other strategies should be utilized as well. Recruiters and headhunters are a widely-used and highly effective resource for located and recruiting the best talent. Yet if you have a large enterprise, it may ultimately prove more cost effective and efficient to have a headhunter-in-a-box, which is to say, to look into purchasing an enterprise class recruitment solution, of which you could go with a hosted solution (which will save time and money in implementation and training), or with a less expensive on the front end software solution. It all depends on how much you want to keep in house, and how strong your IT department is at training key personnel. Indeed, it's been observed that many organizations do not fully realize all the cost savings available in their software programs solely because of a lack of training.

While these active pursuit techniques are crucial to any successful employee recruiting effort, it should also be noted that the company must make sure to brand itself as a good place to work. In addition to managing the workforce in such a way that positive word-of-mouth employee referral spreads, a company should launch an extensive PR campaign in order to brand the organization as, simply, the best.

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