The importance of creating accurate job descriptions!

Finding the right job description for every member of the workforce is one of the most essential functions of a human resources specialist or team of human resources professionals. In the search for higher levels of efficiency and productivity among each and every employee, the task of human resources leaders is to find an integrated interplay of functionality and innovation when it comes to designing the ideal roster of job descriptions within the workforce of any given company.

Summary belongs at the beginning of a job description?

An ideal job description often comes in the form that is both as comprehensive as it is concise. Make sure all of the necessary job information is detailed but don’t let the document sprawl on forever. Think of it as an easy, quick and complete reference to what the job entails. Something that the hired employee can regularly look back to and find the information that he or she needs in order to most effectively complete certain tasks at hand while also interacting with other workers in a positive manner. Every employee should know what is expected of them. This is as important to the employee as it is to the management.

After the summary at the top, a job description should immediately be able to clearly set forth the workplace functions that are essential to the position. These include such features as the development of reports, importance of laws pertinent to their job function and of course an overview of job responsibilities. Note that explicit delineation of the personnel job functions can be important but not always necessarily overly detailed.

Clarity in job definitions

Further on, the job description should most clearly define what the employee’s actual sphere of responsibility includes. This section should focus on creating accountability for the employee’s awareness of his or her position in the workforce. Accountability and their importance in the workplace is a good feature of a job description. The level of decision making must be defined because some job candidates may not be comfortable being thrust into a position that requires independent decisions. Common terminology for this section can include phrases such as “administrative” or “staff level.”

After this, employment requirements such as education and experience are spelled out.

Review all job descriptions

Job descriptions for every position in the workforce can be reviewed and updated once a year at the supervisor level in order to adjust to changing workforce responsibilities and requirements. No job stays the same year after year. Technology, societal changes and company needs due to changing markets will force a change on how an organization conducts business. Regular reviews of every job description is a great way to keep an organization lean and responsive to the needs of the customer, employee and management.

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