Payroll Software and Web Services overview and research information

Payroll software removes the burden of computing payroll taxes, being up to date about the latest government requirments, and more. There are two kinds of programs.

Web Based SAAS Payroll Applications

01-Jun-2016 07:27 PM

Online Payroll services take care of your processes automatically over the internet.

Desktop Payroll Software

This solution is allows an individual at a company to take care of the payroll chores from the office. There are different price points for this software depending on how much sophistication your organization needs.

One benefit of the web based programs is cost. The cost of using an online solution can be significantly lower. Additionally, all maintenance responsibilities are taken care of by the vendor, which makes these solutions attractive to companies that do not wish to spend money on IT infrastructure and employees. A benefit (or drawback depending on how you look at it) of the software product is that you can safeguard your own information.

We encourage you to explore all options before deciding on a solution. Many of the companies have a free trial as well as provide access to advisors who can help you decide if their solution is the appropriate for your business situation.