Recruiting Software Overview & Research

Software for tracking job applicants comes in various configurations. The idea behind applicant tracking technologies are to streamline and improve the process of recruiting and acquiring employees. This research page will review the offerings from several leading vendors in order to give you an overview of the state of the art today and to be able to better create a shortlist for making a purchase.

What does Recruiting Software do?

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) offers a vast amount of functions that extends from marketing the company to potential recruits, to standard resume processing to the employee onboarding process. It comes in both software and SAAS (Software As a Service) versions. Here are the key features of a complete applicant recruiting system:

  • Store employment candidate data
  • Simplify the ability to track applicants
  • Compare applicants
  • Collaboration capability (Allow teams to annotate applicant data)
  • Provides job board/portal functionality that allows potential recruits to browse available positions
  • Resume management (aka resume parsing,import resumes from email and form submissions)
  • Integration with and autoposting to popular job boards
  • Recruiting campaign management
  • Interview scheduling
  • Follow up automation
  • Custom recruitment workflow management
  • Create candidate profiles
  • Candidate sourcing campaign management
  • Integration with popular CRM, email, and website technologies
  • Social media integration (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter pages)
  • Candidate management tools

Employment candidate data

An efficient applicant tracking software can label all the information provided by a job candidates and make them available to other parts of the process. It also allows a recruiter to organize the information so as to get a clearer idea of each candidates employment and education background as well as highlight where on the recruitment process a candidate is located. Thus a job recruiter can easily make decisions and communicate with potential recruits, including automating the task of setting up appointments and interviews by the efficient use of the data provided by the prospective employees.

Data capture is an important part of managing employee data. Thus, the software you are considering should be able to automatically capture resume information from form submissions, app integration and email attachments. This is a powerful feature. The point is that it frees a recruiter from data entry work and allows them to focus on candidate selection.

Candidate management

Candidate management has been compared to Customer Relationship Management and it's no suprise that has collaborated with the Lumesse TalentObjects:Recruit, a product that integrates with the Salesforce CRM cloud. Some may say that this is a buzzword while others may insist that it more accurately describes the process of managing the entire lifecycle journey of a job candidate from the moment they submit an application to the time they are rejected or hired. Regardless of how you feel about the phrase, the fact is that a capable recruiting solution will be able to handle the entire process, end to end.

Collaborative features

The ability to communicate with and collaborate with colleagues that are involved in the hiring process is highly important. Each team member can be assigned permission roles that allow them varying levels of ability to make changes and annotations to a candidate's profile or resume. Even if invested colleagues are offsite or in different cities, all personnel involved in the hiring process can keep up to date and involved. This is a powerful functionality that should be a part of any recruiting solution that involves collaboration between several people.

Job portal functionality

The ability to to create mobile responsive job portal or even an app is highly important. Today's workforce depends on mobile connectivity and a recruiter interested in extending their reach will be interested in the ability to create a portal that enables job applicants to scan and apply for jobs. The process must be easy for both job applicants and the recruiters who are creating and updating the positions. The application must be fully configurable so that if one wishes they can set it to disappear after a certain time period, thus automating the publishing schedule. A strong portal module will be able to cross post to social media.

Many software programs provide integrated modules that handle all of the processes associated with hiring new employees. There are web based applicant processing applications that offer the capability for seamless management of the online careers section of your website.

Bringing efficiency to the workplace is the hallmark of the Human Resources field. A quality resume processing software or web based application is the backbone of that effort. Applicant tracking systems are a function of the human resources job function. It refers to the entire cycle of the hiring an employee, which includes setting up the systems for handling the actual resumes by having an intake process. Then it moves forward to processing the applications, which is a screening function. From there we move on to the actual scheduling and the interview. All along the way are letters that generally must be automatically generated.

Applicant Tracking

The journal of Applicant Tracking is our sister site where you can read about hiring, staffing and tracking applicants. Also features book reviews

List of Applicant Tracking & Recruiting Software

The following list is designed to show the diversity of offerings available to HR and recruiting professionals.

iCIMS Recruiting Software

Applicant Tracking Features

  • Job board posting to third party job boards
  • Social media integration with sites like LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Website integration to publicize jobs on own website
  • Automated screening
  • Automated email functions
  • Integrates with third party background checkers
  • Video capability
  • Collaboration features
  • Interview scheduling automation

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Jobvite offers several solutions:

Jobvite Hire (Applicant Tracking Software)
A complete end to end ATS featuring collaboration, mobile functionality, analytics and reports, scheduling and job board functionality.

Jobvite Engage
An advanced suite of tools that can proactively search for candidates on third party sites and databases, as well as integrate with social media sites like LinkedIn and others. Offers extensive campaign management tools and analytics.

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Zoho Recruit


    Job board publisher (publish to your site and to other boards)
  • Integrates with your site
  • Social media integration
  • Resume parser (imports information straight into your database)
  • Integration with ZOHO CRM
  • Data analysis
  • SMS Texting Functionality
  • Resume capture feature
  • Integrates with Google Apps and MS Outlook, captures data from email attachments, and web forms.
  • Schedule management
  • Candidate source tracking
  • Workflow management
  • Task automation
  • Collaboration features, including user role and permission management
  • Territory management makes it suitable for recruitment agencies

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