Employee Performance Appraisal

Employee Name _____________________ Manager Name _____________________
Employee Number _____________________ Manager's Phone _____________________
Job Title _____________________ Prepared By _____________________
Job Date _____________________ Review Date _____________________

Outstanding Exceptional performance in all areas of responsibility. Planned objectives were achieved well above the established standards and accomplishments were made in unexpected areas.
Exceeds Expectations Consistently exceeds established standards in most areas of responsibility. All requirements were met and objectives were achieved above the established standards.
Meets Expectations All job requirements were met and planned objectives were accomplished within established standards. There were no critical areas where accomplishments were less than planned.
Needs Improvement Performance in one or more critical areas does not meet expectations. Not all planned objectives were accomplished within the established standards and some responsibilities were not completely met.
Does Not Meet Minimum Standards Does not meet minimum job requirements. Performance is unacceptable. Responsibilities are not being met and important objectives have not been accomplished. Needs immediate improvement.

SOURCE: hrVillage.com
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