Data Submission Form Instructions

Thank you for participating in our compensation survey. The enclosed survey is being sponsored by ABC Company. All results will be kept confidential and all participants will receive a summary of the results.

The enclosed survey contains four sections. In the first section we ask for general company information. We do ask that you provide both the name of the person filling out the survey and the name of the person who the survey results should be sent to.

In the second section we ask you to provide some general information about your compensation and benefit practices.

The next section “Job Matching Worksheet” provides a list of the survey jobs. For each survey job and corresponding level please provide your company’s matching job. If at least 75% of the content of your company’s job matches the survey job, then it is considered a good match. If not, please specify the major differences in the Notes Regarding Match column.

Finally, a separate “Data Submission Form” should be completed for each job and each location where this job exists (when the data is different by location). All annual wage data should be based on 40 hours/week (2080 hours/year). Please make as many copies of the blank form as you need.

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